The Moral Animal Ruff Ruff

Girl buys ice cream. Girl walks with ice cream. World moves about. Male species of North american origin is walking towards girl, watching girl with her ice cream.
“I see that grin, north american male” I think to myself “I come from same origin, I know what your thinking, and I find it …disgusting” as I grin back to him and immediately throw my ice cream in the trash.

I think i’ll stick to the fresh juice and straws from now on.

I settled myself on the empty beach today, kinda had this quesy feeling of excitement inside- the weather was perfect and I sat there, cross legged, staring our into the Sea, sipping my miso soup, watching a big man catch small fish, pleased at the decision of finding an a-p-t near the water. After not having been to the ocean after a couple weeks, I felt reunited with a long lost friend.

I continued with one of the books i’ve been reading this season (there are about three bookmarked on my bedside table). A book on evolutionary psychology and comparing Darwin’s life to the theories that he wrote about, whether they held true or not. So at this moment, the whole madonna-whore dichotemy and high male input society theories are swimming through my head and i’m wondering any of his theories hold true or not. It’s one thing to explain humans in terms of the animal kingdom, but I can’t help but wonder how much of our self control is choice vs. animalistic. Can we naturally not have desire because of our high intelligance if we deem it so? I can’t help but wonder if my attraction to certain people is animalistic, or spiritual.

Animalistic/ Spiritual.. Choice/Fate.. these are polarized topics that can easily be switched out with one another without affecting the sentence structure.

I supposed we try to rationalize everything, make sense of it, through religion, theory and sitcoms. When we let go a little bit, either our lives are taken over by instinct- or fate. And some will say our instinct/choices is part of our fate, and some say our instinct creates our fate.

I simply like popcorn and reading various theories that I will put into practice or have for coffee talk when I pretend i’m well read on a plethora of subjects.

smoochie woochies.

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