The Art of War

Yesterday afternoon, my work converted our conference room into a blood donation room. I got to know my co-workers on that whole “what kind of woman are you when a big- ass needle is stuck in your arm way”.

It’s the least we could do in times of war here in the Holy Land.

A few years ago, me and a couple friends went to donate blood in T-town. Afterwards, I went into the Oklahoma summer heat and played ball for a few hours with my homeboys. Last night, After a pre- blood donation avocado sandwich and post- donation Yoga, I became disoriented and had to weakly enjoy a cherry popsicle at a friends near my Yoga lesson..

My roommate made a good point over the weekend. In regards that our soldiers ARE our civilians. In this country, everyone is a soldier and many men are on duty as reserves. Yesterday’s tragedy was a reflection of that notion when 12 reservists were killed while preparing to go to the battle front. Everyone I know was a soldier and most people I know are waiting for that call to go back in. It’s a way of life I would never be exposed to had I not moved here. It’s a mentality so specific on it’s own that I can’t think of another country that shares the same efforts with it’s citizens during times of conflict. A world population is literally watching the war on TV, why do we not watch Iraq on TV? These questions float.

Watching the news, I have an absurd attraction to it. It stresses me out, I am worried, yet I must watch. But your guess is as good as mine how this will pan out. I have never carried the desire to learn about the politics of war. I read “The art of War” lightly a few years ago and never thought I would need to understand it. Now I am somewhat forced to.

In 2006 the Art of War has reached a new peak. In a world of Flickr.com’s and You Tube, War is more propaganda than ANYTHING else. 54 people killed.. oh yeah.. 52.. well, maybe 37. The world becomes shocked and dismayed and what Israel is “doing” in Lebanon. The average death toll in Iraq far exceeds us any day but the media has dulled our senses. In 2006 the Art of War has reached it’s Zenith with a combination of www.blogspot.com and Photoshop, when respectable news agencies such as Reuter’s publishes Doctored photographs, I think we know who is winning the Proganda war and who is winning the Real one.

….Or do we?

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Germapino with a Jewish Twist. Twist. Collective Thoughts of a Ginrod are the musings of a Texas born,half German, half Filipina girl who who went on a trip to Bangkok and found herself in the Holy Land , as a jew, married to an Englishman, with 3 kids and a pup named Henck.


  • alias pail

    when i first saw your myspace pic i thought, o, she must’ve had to get her stomach pumped after her secret birthday brunch. i guess i was wrong, you were doing something humanitarian instead! i guess it’s the old rowdy girl impression you made during adolescence. but there is no more of that left. you’re just a good girl now. alot more “gooder” then everything thinks.

  • onlyhuman79

    it is quite sad that “The Art of War” now is what is said or displayed by the media.
    I pray for Israel.