You came and went, like those one night stands I’ve heard so much about.
Like a happy hangover.
Where did you go? I’m so lost without you.
A feather tickle on my nose. tickle tickle.
Oh woe is me!! my soul was filled and I swore strawberries were dancing in the sky!
The blue blue blue shiny shiny sky.
Oh Spring.
You are a Lilith to my soul. You temptress, such joy met me soul, only a weekend ago.
Tickly tickly. My soul was filled.
And then the sand came and the pimples from the sand. and I became tired.
And then the cold came and tickled my lungs. Green Tea is my soldier of defense.
And then the busy schedule came like a tornado and I really needed your color to make me dance on tables.
But you left and I’m so lost without you.
Come back. Please. I put a shekel in a jar, every minute or every day for your return.
I don’t want to be rich.
I just want you back.
So I can breath you in and eat a mango.
I won’t eat any Mango’s or avocado’s because I miss you too much. And they are a reminder of you.
You smooth talking season you. You player in the field.
Oh! it is so dreary outside. I thought we were in Mediterranean paradise?
Do you hear that? The fat raindrops falling for the bleached sky???
Come back.
I sit in my Tu Tu on the doorstep of joy, with anticipation.
I had a conversation with Hashem and he said you’d be back in time for Matzah Bread and memorial weekends.
But I wish you back right now. My bones ache because you’re not here.
I’m putting a sign out of my window today,
So you can find me. You temptress you.

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Germapino with a Jewish Twist. Twist. Collective Thoughts of a Ginrod are the musings of a Texas born,half German, half Filipina girl who who went on a trip to Bangkok and found herself in the Holy Land , as a jew, married to an Englishman, with 3 kids and a pup named Henck.

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