Jacaranda Trees

I’m sitting here, oiling my fingers by holding a mushroom berecha between them. “What are those purple trees outside that are in bloom??” I yell into the universe of above my cubicle.


“Sogol” a voice replies from the office nearby. “It means purple in Hebrew”. “What is it in English?”. “Purple”. “I Know it means PURPLE! but what is the actual trees name in English??”
“Oh, I don’t know”.
Two years ago, the sogol trees blossomed around Pesach. I remember swinging in the park in Maskeret Batya and witnessing that the blossoms from this tree fell in such a mirrored order that it created a colored shadow of itself. A mirrored painting.
These trees, they stand out from the mild coloring the foliage carries right now. They bring such vibrant contrast to the humidity that is seeping into the corners of Tel Aviv.
the purple trees don’t seem to be part of the system of Israel. Instead, they are a breath of fresh air.
I realized a lot in the last few days, I realized I’m happy to be living in Israel and doing what I’m doing. As a friend said last night “If I was in the U.S doing the stuff I do here, I’d hate it- it makes it all worth it because it’s Israel.”
The headlines in Haaretz make me disappointed. My ride through the park everyday annoys me by witnessing litter in random places, and perverts. Thieves lurk in stairwells to supply the business of second hand bikes. The cat man walks the streets with thoughts of good deeds as he feeds the diseased alley cats. I can only sigh and blow the air into my bangs.
My laundry man discolors a new skirt so I hand it back to him and say “if your going to discolor it, please discolor ALL of it so I can still wear it” and smile.
I saw my two Goldfish actually kiss one another in their foggy fishbowl.
This week is full of pleasant surprises.
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