Goodbye Holidays

Often, when I’m walking down the street, I see an eccentric individual and in my head I come up with their whole life story. This is a quality I learned from my father, he had quite an opinion and imagination about anyone we ever met. I remember those opinions floating around to the passenger’s side of his white Oldsmobile when i wasn’t tall enough for my legs to even hang off the seat. I was just long enough that my shoes shook in the air and I listened patiently to how Mrs. Smith wears dresses that look like curtains or how Mr. Garcia is a great business man but why can’t he wash his car?
But, I am not writing about that. Preston Force has made it through a round of the longest chain of holidays in a row that Judaism has to offer. For weeks on end it did not cease, just when one event was completed we would remember we had dinner with so and so on this day and family time on this day and yes, another gathering on this day. We found ourselves squeezing in cleaning time and walking times and missing out on sleeping time.
This could be a big reason why I feel so fatigued and after this week will begin grounding myself on Thursday nights. At this rate- i am tempted to give up anything that is poisonous and only meditate and drink smoothies. The weather is changing and my bones are getting a bit sore. It’s time to tuck away celebrating for awhile and get into sweater hibernation.
Anyone with me?

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Germapino with a Jewish Twist. Twist. Collective Thoughts of a Ginrod are the musings of a Texas born,half German, half Filipina girl who who went on a trip to Bangkok and found herself in the Holy Land , as a jew, married to an Englishman, with 3 kids and a pup named Henck.