body dysmorphic disorder

http://www.cnn.com/ just published an article about a body dysmorphic disorder which is an obsession with one or more bodily features, normally in the face. They failed to mention this condition is also a result of a society that places so much emphasis on perfection that even top models are airbrushed before their images are allowed to be published.
A few days ago, I was standing in the long bathroom line at the mall. I have a natural tendency to not gaze in the mirror unless I feel a big booger in my nostrils. I do not gaze because I don’t like looking at myself, but more for the reason that I know what I look like, I see my mug every day in reflections and various mirrors. I have no need to make extra effort or to worry if my nose has fallen off. I can feel it hasn’t.
However. I do unabashfully watch OTHER people look at themselves. I watch their every move when applying another coat of mascara onto their short eyelashes. I scan their oval butts that are stuffed into low rise blue jeans. Their love handles pouring over the waists like an overfilled milkshake. I watch their mouth imitate fish movements as they slather glossy red lipstick over their pale lips. I wince as they steadily move around the mirror in their 3 inch heels as if their ankles are tied by a rope, prisoners of their countenance. When the toilet frees, they practicially hop into the stall,their motion limited by their snug jeans and noisy heels.

After 1.5 minutes you hear a flush and the natural clicks of heels when standing up from the toilet seat. The latch is slowly turned back into it’s place and highlighted hair appears out of the shadows of the stall. They fluff their hair with a shake of the head. First left, then right. Hungrily, they waddle to replace themselves in front of the mirror they just left. Their overly manicured nails perfecting each misplaced strand of their over dryed and over dyed hair.


I sigh, with a light nod of my head I walk into the stall. Just another situation of social body dysmorphic disorder.

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