A Mashal for the masses

Here is a mashal/parable a friend shared with me after I tried to convince him I was crazy for moving to Israel, doing the whole Orthodox thing, and doing the motions of the the pretty average 26-year- old with the definately not-so-average background that left me with my feet planted here.

I always maintained that if you believe the Kitchen table positioned where it is as normal, and getting your mail everyday is expected and that life is 8-5 and taxes, then I suppose that yeah- I am most definately mad. But if you add a spoonful of G-d, the way everything has fallen into place for me here in an eerily perfect pattern- it’s almost expected. The cycles of life are turning slowly. Tsiki’s sister found out her due date is on the day of her brother’s death. The cycles of life are turning. And while I live my days here, sometimes blindly, and sometimes with a ball of excitement, i’ll hold on to this mashal. Because it’s beautiful and I like the way it speaks to me:

A rabbi told me this on a Jerusalem street corner 11 years ago in January…

Before you’re born, an angel beseeches your soul. The angel shows the soul all of the wonderful things that will happen to it if it is given a body. The angel takes the soul to heights of earthly joy planned out for it and lets it feel as good as it could feel if it is born. The angel then plunges the soul into the deepest depths of all of the pain that it will know, making it experience the loss, the angst, the sadness, the hell that would sometimes be life.Then the angel gives the soul a choice. It can either be born and take the pain and the pleasure together, or it can choose to stay in the world of the ethereal. Neither decision would be wrong.

Since you’re born, your soul obviously made the choice to take the pain with the pleasure, the earthly good with the bad. So, no matter how painful life might be sometimes, your soul, your deep subconscious with which you’ve never spoken, knows that pain cedes and that ultimately the moments of joy outweigh the hurt. In some unknown past outside of time and space, you promised yourself it would get better.

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  • Anonymous

    what a beautiful mashal. i absolutely love it and will cherish this mashal during the times of highest of highs and the lowest of lows in life. it will help me appreciate the rollercoster of life… the emotions of life that my soul chose to feel.