The day after Tsiki’s birthday, his sister Anat called me on the phone. “I always thought the baby would come on Tsiki’s birthday.” She started. “But I realize that i only thought that for myself. Tski wouldn’t wish the baby to be born on such a sad day. Maybe a day later, but not on […]

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Dear Tsiki, Today you would have been 29 years old.  I’ve thought about you a lot in the last ten months. I sat there paranoid at your memorial service last April, thinking that I could be pregnant but I didn’t want to interfere with your memory that day. Your aunt put her hand on my […]

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Wednesday morning in San Simon

I spent most of my morning outside with Henk the Pup. Usually, I take my class readings with me and plop myself on the bench at the dog park letting Henk run with his latest playmate as my 38-week pregnant self tries to concentrate on academia. The mix of pregnancy and my Adhd doesn’t fair […]

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Braxton Hicks

“Honey, you need to breath” he says as I crunch by body in pain. “I can’t” i explain as a mouth full of scrambled eggs and wheat bread muffles my speech, and bits fall onto my plate. “” Sometimes, when these contractions happen, you may have food in your mouth, he sincerely explains, patting my […]

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Science vs Nature. G-d.

“If G-d wants to take him, he will. No machines can prevent that from happening” my younger cousin tells me over the phone. “Until then, I have to let him fight”. I am clutching the phone to her, in tears after finding out my cousin’s first and only son’s,  organs are failing him. This is […]

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Social Conditioning

A word to the wise: never google image hemorrhoids. I know i know, you could be quite curious, especially after me telling you not to, but save yourself, it’s more PG to watch some horror film than experience the horrors of what such a search would bring up. Hemorrhoids is a well known symptom in […]

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Somebody’s story

I was walking down the long, dry path in Gan Sacher park in Jerusalem today when I looked down at the little pieces of trash littered on the side of the trail. A tiny, hello kitty sticker caught my eye and a rewind button was pushed in my brain. I envisioned the history of this […]

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Retiring Superwoman

The secret is out: I am not superwoman. This entire year I have anticipated this month: the month where getting up at 6 a.m to commute 3 hours a day starts to totally suck, graduate school starts, a month where I fill out in my third trimester and I waddle all over Jerusalem, we begin […]

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The little Buddha in my stomach

“Excuse me while I adjust myself” the words  come out slowly as I cringe in the drivers side of my Mazda 3.  I place my hands on the lower part of my belly and try to move the hardening mass inside. “I believe The Force has found my bladder and wants to see if he […]

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A sweet nightmare

I spend the night last night in Tel Aviv for an attempt to get much needed rest. As I enter my third trimester, my body no longer can keep up with the 12 to 13 hour days that I have become accustomed to in the last year. A friend is on her honeymoon and I […]

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