Remembering Tsiki 2011

Dearest Tsiki, This week marks 6 years since we lost you. I’ve spent a lot of time in the last month trying to conceptualize how I now feel, after this amount of time has passed.  Most of these thoughts plague me when I am up in the early hours of the morning, feeding Ziggy.  These […]

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The Park

Ever since the clocks have changed I feel like I get to be more myself. The extra evening sunlight has allowed me to jump on the bike with the dog by my side and go for nice bike rides up the long bumpy path that is Gan Sacker park. Yesterday, I passed a group of […]

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Unsolicited advice

Israeli’s are notorious for unsolicited advice. I’ve seen elderly women stop in coffee shops to let young parents know that they should put on another blanket on their bundled child, or that they should be wearing a hat in public. It came as no surprise that my grocery store visit wearing Ziggy in a baby […]

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Road Rage

My fight instinct has always superseded my flight instinct. In my late teens, me and some girls were coined “the rowdy girls”, mostly because we drank tequila like it was the elixir of youth and played the jukebox as if we picked those quarters from the fruit of the trees. Yesterday morning I was on […]

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The last week has been insane. My body was introduced to Shingles and it was not a beautiful sight. At the beginning of the week I thought I was just getting a general rash under my breast. This was my actual thought when i noticed the rash: Hoo humm, I guest I’m not used to […]

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Remind me

I’ve got sandwiches in my bag with post it notes on them that say “BREAST MILK”. Let me explain myself: The Huzzy and I are all about creating systems around us that make our life easier. Between a new baby, a dog, graduate school and work, there is little time to waste. Any free time […]

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Friday was an insanely beautiful day in Jerusalem. We’ve also been invited out for lunch and dinner for the last couple weeks so we haven’t had to cook for Shabbat. This leaves us with time to enjoy the sun and let the rays follow us as we walked with the entire family (including Henck the […]

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Balancing Fate

The weekend was spent in Tel Aviv, our first weekend away since Ziggy was born ten weeks ago. It was a test run, to see if we (and he) could handle the change. We spent most of the day bathing in sunlight on a Diesengoff street corner as we managed to see many of our […]

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The world stops for Henck the pup

The carpet cleaner came today. Another benefit of the latest group buying website in Jerusalem. We’ve been talking about cleaning our rug for approximately two years with no luck. We tried using a at-home steam cleaner and i even bought a vacuum with my bonus holiday check as an attempt to maintain a clean rug. […]

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My Birth Story

I have a habit of walking in my sleep. Talking in my sleep, and when I woke up at 6 a.m on December 3rd, 2010, I woke up with a livid fear that I actually wet the bed, a victim of a bathroom dream perhaps. “But I never wet the bed” I thought to myself […]

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