Hi it’s me

“You’re experiencing the most hectic time in your life” my friend explains to me as i vent to him about my week. Our household has been met with fevers, flu, strep. We’re covered in germs. The breaking point came when I put both children down for their nap and our dog, who has been experiencing […]

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Blood Test

When you go in for a blood test, the procedure is always the same. Arm, vein, stick. The nurse reads the different types of tests you need from a piece of peper and then picks the color-coded vials from a tray next to her. Some of the vials come in different shapes and there are […]

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Remembering Tsiki 2012

There is an army training video, that reviews the incident that left Tsiki dead. I know this because every couple months a friend calls me up to let me know they watched it on their reserve service, and that something in that video reminded them of something they already knew. “It was as if everything […]

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All of my Rabbi’s tell me there are no coincidences. I don’t mind believing them. It’s life’s little traffic cone that reminds you we are still alive, and blood is pumping through our veins.  So when i found out this pregnancy has the expected due date of August 3 (my birthday) i took this as […]

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It became my daily routine, parking behind the sleek, black BMW convertible. My middle-class, powder blue Mazda 3, the word sport to make The Huzzy and I feel that we still have youth at our fingertips. Always a bit dusty and the wheels always dirty. The BMW looked washed every day. Her license plates from […]

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I’m not sure my brain ever turns off. Work, Job, motherhood. It’s like you’re living on an adrenaline rush and it seems like our household is alive until we fall exhausted into our bed at night. but we totally love it. despite the insanity of our schedules. I think the best thing I ever did […]

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Congratulations to myself. This is the longest I have ever gone without posting since this blog began six years ago. I blame life. There is a crawling baby in my apartment, an graduate school. It is also mango season, and that means that valuable time is spent carving these fruits of sunset and letting their […]

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Arnedo..Bolinao, Pangasinan

It’s hard to believe that my mother came from here. We entered the Pangasinan province after a four and a half hour drive from Manila. Driving through typhoon weather, which consisted of hard rain and then light drizzles. We weaved our family van in and out of traffic that was littered with tricycles piled with […]

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Happy and Sad

The last week has been a contrast of happiness and sadness. We said goodbye to good friends moving back to the U.S. and said hello to another. He set his fresh footprints into the Israeli life he is about to lead. On Thursday I woke up and went to a family funeral and then ended […]

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Motherhood full throttle

I spent last Friday evening making friends with the toilet. The one good thing about this all nighter was that the toilet eventually got a complete bleach clean. That evening, the toilet witnessed excretions from all openings and no my friends, there was nothing romantic about this scene. Fortunately, I recovered from this bug within […]

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