My oldest has entered first grade. And It was unexpected to get all kinds of emo about it. We are testing out our schedules this week and train him with the skills to do a bike commute. We wanted him to view his bike as his car, because our bikes are our cars. and when we arrived we were TWO mins late. and nothing even started. But Z felt it was already late and he was chastising me for being late. And I ran inside with him with my helmet and looking around, you just realize there is this new world inside that building. Different hierarchies. It’s going to be a bit of survival in there and all these thoughts run through my head as I try and look at every kids face and wonder what it’s like to grow up Israeli.  I wanted to walk in class with Z and learn what he learns and watch him learn. But he told me to leave, and obviously I knew that already.

So hey blog. Howabout we start exercising the writing muscle and not save this blog just for my annual Yom hazikkaron post?


Be patient.

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