I’ve come to a point where I am beginning to trust my GPS more than my own logic. Yesterday, I was taken to the top of a mountain, to the entrance of a national park that hosts a stalactite cave rather than listen to my own logic of “a community center cannot be situated in the middle of a national park”.  “Maybe this isn’t just a national a park..” i reason with my logic, maybe there is a community on top of the mountain?”. No. There is not a community on top of the mountain.

I was on my way to speak to some teenage girls in Bet Shemesh about my experience in Israel. Girls who already come from their own experiences at the tender age of 15,  & who are still experiencing things but have not yet developed the skills to cope with all of their experiences.

“So when you were our age did you have technology?” a strawberry blonde girl asks me.

“If you are asking me if smart phones were developed, no they weren’t” I answer, trying to remember myself at her age and what i thought of 32 year olds at the time.

“But i totally hacked AOL!” I  pathetically added.

What I love about speaking to these young women, is seeing myself in their faces when I was their age. They have no idea how many good and bad experiences are still left to land on their lap. “I hate reading” explains one of them. “You should love reading” I tell her. “When you’re my age, all you want is more quiet time to read”. She is unmoved. Unimpressed by this token of advice. I have tons more of advice on the navigation of life and loss. But i guess I’ll have to save it for my own teenagers.

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