Blood Test

When you go in for a blood test, the procedure is always the same. Arm, vein, stick. The nurse reads the different types of tests you need from a piece of peper and then picks the color-coded vials from a tray next to her. Some of the vials come in different shapes and there are stocks of different vials depending on the test. Meaning, the more “popular tests” have a larger stock than the more “unpopular” tests. I assume it’s the more common vs. the more uncommon.


Arm. Vein. Stick.

No stranger to the needle (in my tattoos people.) I have no problem watching the process. I find it fascinating that simple technology can just fill up vials and vials of blood. The nurse and I have a simple conversation in Hebrew. Discussing my sleeping newborn behind me in the carriage. “A son as well?” she opens her eyes wide when I explain the 20 month age difference. I smile. The light rash on my body stretching my dry skin in the simple effort.

She takes the vials and swishes my blood around the vial before placing them in the appropriate tray for testing. First one with a purple lid, and then another with a blue, then another with a green lid. Then she takes a long, thin vial with a black lid and places it further away from the other vials. I then look at the stock tray and confirm her odd behavior: there is a section with a large stock of purple vials. And then another stock of blue and greens.

But the black-lidded vial only has four vial’s in it. FOUR vial’s. That means that the test is rare. Right?

I call The Huzzy with my update. “well, they gave me the standard tests, oh and i think they gave me an i’m dying test as well”.


The black-lidded vial is the i’m dying test.


But what am I dying from? This rash has plagued me since my birth 6 weeks ago. Hives, Itchy skin, swollen eyes. I will find out next week I suppose.

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