The Park

Ever since the clocks have changed I feel like I get to be more myself. The extra evening sunlight has allowed me to jump on the bike with the dog by my side and go for nice bike rides up the long bumpy path that is Gan Sacker park.

Yesterday, I passed a group of yeshiva boys sitting in a circle, carefully watching Arab teenagers kick the soccer ball over the blades of grass. I so badly wanted to take a picture but I didn’t want to interrupt the date that was transpiring¬† on the bench behind me.¬† So I kept on, to the outdoor workout gym that the city installed for people like me but is being used by the youth of the city as a playground. Because of this, I often enjoy bringing the dog as he seems to scare away enough kids so I can use the equipment.

Today, the dog failed to scare away the kids and instead, attracted a small group of curious religious boys.¬† At first I brushed them off as annoying boys but their enthusiasm for Henck the pup was hard to ignore. Two men kept their behavior in check as I taught them how to hold a stick for Henck to catch it and how to hold the leash. “you’ll have to get a dog for the kids” I told one of men. “These boys are from a boarding school, they have been removed from their families” he explained.

After understanding their background I watched their faces a little harder. Pre-adolescent boys, taken away from their families because their families couldn’t care for them. I suppose I was a bit taken back as I assumed religious families should be able to take care of their own children. After all, they live a life of Torah.

But then I realize that the world is not so black and white. That there are so many factors that put these boys where they are. And I was sad for them, mostly because me and my dog were going home to a family who loved each other completely and totally. To two parents who value education and read books. Who keep the house warm and the kitchen stocked.

So I let them play a little longer with Henck the pup, and I continued to do my situps and my pullups with the hope that I can lose this post baby fat by June because in June we’re going to the Philippines and I’ll be damned if one of my relatives calls me fat.

The End

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