Unsolicited advice

Israeli’s are notorious for unsolicited advice. I’ve seen elderly women stop in coffee shops to let young parents know that they should put on another blanket on their bundled child, or that they should be wearing a hat in public.

It came as no surprise that my grocery store visit wearing Ziggy in a baby bjorn would attract the opinion of a woman standing in the queue in front of me.

“you should really attach the strap there” she informs me, pointing at the unhooked shoulder strap dangling in front of me.

“yes i know, i just undid it so he could look around while we’re standing in line” I patiently reply.

“The baby bjorn isn’t so comfortable” she continues,” i import baby carriers” she explains as she hands me a business card. “we’re holding a class on how to wrap these carriers next week”.

This is about the moment in our conversation where I take my fingers, place them far into my brain to hold my eyeballs to keep them from rolling.

I refuse to imagine actually paying for a class to teach me how to wrap my baby on my back. I am half asian, it should be in my blood. After all, my ancestors worked the rice fields with my relatives hanging on for dear life on their backs.

“Yes, I have the wrap, and yes i have the ergo baby and i prefer the baby bjorn” I tell her face that is wrinkled in disbelief.

I used her business card to wipe my dogs butt.

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