Road Rage

My fight instinct has always superseded my flight instinct. In my late teens, me and some girls were coined “the rowdy girls”, mostly because we drank tequila like it was the elixir of youth and played the jukebox as if we picked those quarters from the fruit of the trees.

Yesterday morning I was on my way to school. I was a very sunny, Jerusalem day for a change. I was driving next to the President’s house where I suddenly become aware that a young woman behind me is honking her horn. I check my speed, 40km/hour, not bad. She begins to tail-gate me and almost slams into me when i stop for a pedestrian crossing. My hand shoots out of the window, directing her where she can stick it. We proceed through a traffic circle, as she maneuvers her car to my left, then to my right, continuously daunting me with her honking.

She finally manages to pass me when i slow down for a stop light. When i try to go to her left she angles her car so I cannot pass on either lane. This is when all of Oklahoma shoots out of me and I put my car in park and walk over to her car.

I stuck my head in her car asking what her problem is, she jumps out of her car to stand up for herself, her dyed black her shining in the bright sun. As we are yelling at one another, I focus in on her face. Her skin matted with base and powder which are congregating aroundĀ  her pimples.

It took every ounce of self control not to pop her. If i did, ten years of boxing would have expressed itself right thereĀ  on Jabotinsky street.

By then, the other drivers got out of their cars to break it up. I yelled at her how I refused to be bullied when I have my son in the car. I roared, then I roared some more.

I am discovering that I am developing a fierce moma bear complex. Watch out world.

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