The last week has been insane. My body was introduced to Shingles and it was not a beautiful sight. At the beginning of the week I thought I was just getting a general rash under my breast.

This was my actual thought when i noticed the rash: Hoo humm, I guest I’m not used to having breasts and they are getting some damp spots underneath.

Friends asked if I was showering enough or drying myself enough. I am lightly disturbed to realize that my friends wouldn’t put it past me that I wouldn’t shower, AND if I was, as an thirty year old formerĀ  peace corps volunteer, that I wouldn’t know how to dry myself off completely. Hello people! I lived in Thailand, I had an array of prickly heat and scented baby powder all over my house! I know how to avoid damp areas in my body, how else could one apply powder successfully???

I spent the majority of my week pondering metaphors and new names for the Herpes Zostar virus (aka Shingles). Some I came up with were: Satan’s Breath, Sear of the Dragon,Slices of Fire, or the burning ribbon of PAIN, Beelzebub’s wrath (i could go on and on). In between pondering, you could find me on my couch, with a tear falling down my cheek trying to figure out how to pick up my child and finish my term papers.

And then I caught a sinus- motivated cold. Which I took as my immune system communicating that it hit rock-bottom.

Although the dramatic part of me saw this as a punishment from the almighty, it also uncovered a layer to my relationships that I knew existed but never had to utilize.

The facts are that as immigrants with no family around, our resources are very limited. The community we live in is vital to our mental stability and general happiness. And although The Huzzy and I have no problem making friends, who knew our best friends could be so.. best?

Last week ,Channah and Shara swept in to ease my plight. The stove illicit-ed a warm glow as queen Channah systematically chopped and diced her way into our kitchen. Shara followed the same evening and next day by keeping an eye on Ziggy as my head and body moaned in unison in the bedroom.

Then of course, is The Huzzy, who took the third day off to keep the babe entertained while I attempted to regain some sort of immune system. It has been almost a week since i’ve fallen ill and although I’m lightly frazzled regarding graduate school. I feel strong enough to face the big bad world tomorrow, and i am actually excited about this.

In addition to having spectacular women in my life who answer to these sickly battle cries I have this amazing partner who turns into Mr. Mom at the drop of a hat. Times like this i feel like I want to ask The Huzzy to marry me all over again. My mother still can’t believe I’ve managed to snag such a magnificent man.

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