Balancing Fate

The weekend was spent in Tel Aviv, our first weekend away since Ziggy was born ten weeks ago. It was a test run, to see if we (and he) could handle the change. We spent most of the day bathing in sunlight on a Diesengoff street corner as we managed to see many of our friends walking about.  Our friend Gila made us a fantastic dinner that evening and we got to catch up with even more friends that we don’t usually get to see given the different city business and the whole new baby business.

Saturday we sat on railings to watch the surfers catch baby waves on the Mediterranean  and to meet up with even more friends at the park near the Hilton. This park is a kids dream, with quality basket swings and bars to climb up and down from. Center stage of the entire park is a massive rope climbing center, with a wide, rope ladder that leads up to these hanging baskets that are anchored by four ropes above which are fastened into a log.

Of course, since I am breastfeeding and almost 31, I decided it would be a perfect opportunity to find out if my youth was still running through my veins. Although I managed to climb onto one of the baskets, to view the park from a rather fantastic height for me (let alone a small child), my youth luck quickly ran out when one of the ropes stabilizing the baskets busted, leaving me and the basket to dangle in mid-air. My gasp and unsureness of the situation led me to look over at my husband and friends on the bench, who were unimpressed with what just had occurred. A simultaneous eye-roll replaced the support i needed to make my next move.

That move  was gracefully  sliding off the basket and grabbing the monkey bar rope in front of me. As I clumsily dangled from the rope, my new weight shocked my joints and limbs.

I landed with the resolve that I need to train myself to be a monkey again. Life was much more fun.

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