How do they do it?..Like That

There’s a small alley way on the way to Diesengoff street by my home. The home I share with my ever tolerant irish friend. In that small alley way, there is a space where a P200 Vespa, coated with dust and Kitty feces rests it’s handlebars against the cement wall.

When I was 17, I purchased an original small frame Vespa 90, two years later, I kitted her out with a 135cc Italian Pollini Kit. Three months later, I bought special Italian racing tires for my orange beauty. Two years later, I left for Peace Corps Thailand and refused to sell it. My Vespa, was my Ginrod-ness.

I just sold her, I know she’s being molested by some Texan in Austin. Maybe she will make it to the South by Southwest Music Festival next year.

In Tulsa Oklahoma, no Scooter enthuisiast would ever allow a P200 to retire so early. Especially with the Gas prices at its all time high.

I am not in Tulsa anymore.

As I walk up Ben Gurion Street.. towards the Meditterranean- I am resting my head on my friends shoulder. I am feeling vacant and tormented, and he’s probably feeling constipated and hungry. We stroll past a makeshit playground, 15 feet by 20 where secular little boy is playing on the play horse and looks at me and he reminds me of Tsiki -same eyes and hair color. My heart loops and I hold his glare for a measily 2 seconds and pretend I never saw it.

In the moments of feeling a bit tormented. With your co-pilot assuring you that it’s all quite beautiful, you almost fail to realize you’re sitting upon a rock, feeling the Meditterranean to the West and spoiling your soul with the beats of 20 South Americans palming and beating their drums on the beach in front of you.

Earlier in my day, I got the same accusing question I can never hide from from one of my co-workers- who isi am sure is a pretty splendid person: “Tell me again, why you would EVER want to be Jewish?!?!”? ….I turned up my Pandora radio station of Louie Armstrong and pretended to Walz with an imaginary friend. “This is the i can’t hear you dance for such a loaded question dance!!” I lighheartedly reciprocated.

To be honest, I secretly wanted to plant my skirted ass on his desk and create a confrontation like this:
Me: So your planning your wedding soon ey?
Him: Yeah…..
Me: you got a papa?
Him: yeah
Me: If you believe in marriage, you believe in love, love is not a classified emotion pyschologically speaking, therefore, it is in the realm of what we cannot define. That same realm is G-d.
Him: what’s your point??
Me: Take away all you have right now, the planning and the guarantee of everlasting love , take away your Dad, take away the country that defines you, and your job- a little of your past and a lot of your future…. get most of it back within a year with a good tan and then tell me there is no G-d and no reason to become Jewish.
Me: if you do that. I’ll leave Israel and i’ll do marketing for the Mormons in Utah and not ask questions.

I think my point is: I am pretty unimpressed with people questioning what I am doing and why I am doing it. How do THEY do it? How to they decorate their cubicles and go to bed at ten and simply believe that is fulfilling? How do they not think about their next move and if they are fulfilling their destiny and if they should attempt to live a life saturated with spirituality, G-D, or the next new celebrity thing?

Is starting a small revolution with mangoes and Tu tu’s really that off??


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Germapino with a Jewish Twist. Twist. Collective Thoughts of a Ginrod are the musings of a Texas born,half German, half Filipina girl who who went on a trip to Bangkok and found herself in the Holy Land , as a jew, married to an Englishman, with 3 kids and a pup named Henck.

2 Responses to “How do they do it?..Like That”

  1. DolceVita June 15, 2006 at 09:01 #

    Well sign me up and put me on the funky bus to revolution town!
    I wear Tutu’s (but only cos i like to make you happy 🙂 XXX

    P.S: If I smell then u just plain stink! 😛

  2. alias pail June 16, 2006 at 03:07 #

    and here i was, the so called self proclaimed black sheep. it think it’s ginrod blood personally. but ya don’t have to feel violent about strangers. no one’s supposed to understand anyone at first glance. if they do, you know it’s something special. now if it’s someone teasing you at work, i recommend taking their stapler, making some jello and putting it inside the jello. or you can also superglue their telephone to the telephone holder. pish posh spend your time thinking about the people that understand and love ya. there’s about a thousand of them.

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