Yom Hazikkaron 2018

I arrive at the port with a backpack. Accompanied by some friends, I am ready to go but I am not exactly sure why I am here at all, in the heart of this carnival atmosphere. A majestic, old-fashioned ship is waiting at the dock, its wooden deck trimmed with brass railing. There is a […]

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Yom Hazikkaron 2017 (Remembrance Day)

Yom Hazikaron. The band-aid comes off again. The girlfriends of fallen soldiers, we text each other: Where are you? How do you feel? Hold tight. “I’m ok” says one of the girlfriends. “I’m over it, I’m fine.” Some are rushing to the ceremony of their fallen soldier, others give interviews. We send lots of kisses, […]

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My oldest has entered first grade. And It was unexpected to get all kinds of emo about it. We are testing out our schedules this week and train him with the skills to do a bike commute. We wanted him to view his bike as his car, because our bikes are our cars. and when […]

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Tsiki askara

Yom Hazikaron 2016 (Memorial Day)

This picture was taken  the week after Tsiki was killed.   I don’t know why I decided to join his male family and friends on the trip to Hebron but I did, I probably thought I was being tough about it, that it was my duty as his partner. In  any case,  I wanted to see […]

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Tsik Eyal (black shirt) with Seth and Lalo

Yom Hazikaron 2015 (Memorial Day)

Tell me because I can’t remember I asked my friends about April 25, 2005: I was sitting on the bed closest to the door, and you on the other.  We were facing each other, so our knees were nearly touching.  There was someone to your left, I am pretty sure it was Lalo.  Your phone […]

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Yom Hazikaron 2014 (Memorial Day)

Yom Hazikaron 2014 (Memorial Day)

It’s our routine; Ziggy lifts his wet arms to be lifted out of the tub. I must always use the pink towel and I must always make sure the special velcro part of the children’s towel is tied around my neck. I wrap him tightly and we hold our cheeks against one another. This is […]

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Yom Hazikkaron 2013

Grief is lonely, it’s a tunnel with no light. It breaks you and tears you up inside. It hurts.  It consumes you by eating at you, it takes your words out and replaces them with silence. It makes you dead. The dreams were always horrifying. Dead serpents falling out from a muddy ceiling, landing in […]

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Team Crossroads

For the last seven weeks, I have been working on the Team Crossroads marketing campaign. The organization serves at-risk Anglo youth in Israel and their center sits in the middle of Jerusalem, off of Jaffo Road. The once loud, bustling street has been silenced by the light rail, instilling a refreshing calm in one of […]

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Semantics of life

Since i was 18, when I was forced to take a step back and make decisions that would affect my life, I relied heavily on natural occurrences that would make decisions for me. These occurrences would come in the form of a dream or the way i reacted to a sound of the word.  It […]

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I’ve come to a point where I am beginning to trust my GPS more than my own logic. Yesterday, I was taken to the top of a mountain, to the entrance of a national park that hosts a stalactite cave rather than listen to my own logic of “a community center cannot be situated in […]

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